Lock Of Mick Jagger's Hair Up For Bonham

The British auction house Bonham is putting a lock of Mick Jagger's hair on the block. The tress was pilfered by the grandmother of a former girlfriend of Mick's.

"Unbeknown to her at the time, this lock was saved by her grandmother when Mick and Chrissie were staying at her parents' farm," read the auction house's description of the item.

"Apparently, on her grandmother's death, the hair passed to Chrissie's aunt and when she died, the hair was returned to Chrissie by a cousin taking care of personal effects."

Bonham's expects the bit of hair to fetch between $2,300 and $3,100. A clump of Keith Richards' hair, however, recently only took in about $1,400 during an auction. All proceeds from the sale will go to the charity Changing Faces.

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