Doug Clifford Says CCR Was 'Terrible' In The Beginning

Doug Clifford, former drummer for Creedence Clearwater Revival, said that John Fogerty's late brother Tom should be credited with sharpening the band's chops in the early days.

Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, Clifford added that CCR was not very good early on.

"Tom was the one that brought us along," Clifford said. "We were terrible. He was 18, and he was very patient with us and he stuck with us. We were an instrumental trio before he joined the band. We would play frat parties and we would get 20 bucks apiece, which was big money for kids. Nobody was singing. Tom said, 'Doesn't anybody sing?' John said, 'I can try.'"

Tom quit the band in 1970 after a bitter feud with his brother. He died in 1990. Doug, meanwhile, still tours with bassist Stu Cook under the name Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

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