Mick Jagger Mentions Obama's NSA Surveillance During Concert

Rolling Stones fronter Mick Jagger took a shot at the Obama administration's much maligned NSA surveillance program during a Sunday night concert at Washington D.C.'s Verizon Center.

"I don't think President Obama is here tonight . . . But I'm sure he's listening in," Jagger joked to the crowd, according to various reports.

One eyewitness, a Twitter user named Josh Hammer, added that the ostensibly liberal crowd booed at the mention of Obama:

"Yes, the weed-smoking ex-hippie generation here at Verizon Center collectively booed audibly when Mick Jagger first said 'President Obama.'"

According to USA Today, Jagger also made a joke about former First Lady Bird Johnson attending a Stones concert in the 1960s.

The D.C. concert was the last Stones gig on the U.S. leg of their "50 and Counting" tour.

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