Keith Richards Says Rolling Stones Were 'Destined' To Headline Glastonbury

Before the Rolling Stones were officially confirmed for a headlining gig at Glastonbury, there were months of speculation and unconfirmed rumors. Now, Keith Richards says the band was always "destined" to play the fest.

The sprightly guitarist released a video to YouTube, explaining the Stones' long flirtation with playing Glasto:

"It's almost as if you were destined to play Glastonbury. There were many years we were offered it and turned it down. I look upon it as the culmination of our British heritage. It had to be done and it's gonna be done. We'll see what happens."

Mick Jagger adds that the performance will be a family affair: "All my kids are going to be there so I'm going to be visiting them in the days before the actual show and they've got all sorts of activities lined up for me to do. My brother lives in Glastonbury, too."

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