Roger Daltrey Remembers John Entwistle On Anniversary

Roger Daltrey hit up the Classic Rock Magazine Show to talk about the band's upcoming 50th anniversary and also to share a memory of the band's former bassist, John Entwistle, who died eleven years ago on June 27.

"We're all old-age pensioners together now, which is great - when we started we didn't think it would last to the end of the week," Daltrey said on the band's anniversary.

He added: "Then we thought, 'Well, it might last to the end of the month.' Then we get to a year, two, and before you know where you are you're at ten years, then 25, and here we are - next year's the 50th. It's wonderful."

The full interview is available only at TeamRockRadio.

The Who continue their Quadrophenia tour today at Liverpool's Echo Arena, Paris' Bercy Arena (July 3), Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome (July 5) and London's Wembley Arena (July 8).

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