Guitarist Earl Slick Says There Won't Be A Bowie Tour

Earl Slick, guitarist for David Bowie, says that there is no upcoming tour behind the legendary rocker's latest release, The Next Day.

Speaking with NME, Slick says he's not hiding anything-there just happens to be nothing going down:

"I get asked all the time. And I say 'Do you know something I don't know?' Really though, there's no big secret we're keeping from everyone. There'll definitely be no shows this year."

He added that 2014 could be a different story, although he's not sure:

"As for next year, who knows? There's no conspiracy about a tour now, there just is no tour."

Finally, he said that he's always down to hit the road with the Thin White Duke:

"As for whether I want him to tour, well, I always want to go out, I love to tour, but I've got my own thing going at the moment too. If he goes out on the road and I get the call, then all well and good."

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