INXS Mini-Series In Production

An INXS biopic is currently in production. Never Tear Us Apart: the Untold Story of INXS, centers on the rise of the band, the loss of singer Michael Hutchence and the band's coping with his loss.

Shine Australia, the production company behind the mini-series, issued a statement elaborating on the plot:

"It promises an authentic, behind the scenes look at what really happened - childhood mates from Sydney who were once the biggest rock and roll band in the world - beyond the music, the lights and the roar of a sell-out crowd."

The band's Tim Farriss said the production has the group's seal of approval:

"I've been spending a lot of time with the cast and I'm amazed. At times I actually thought Michael was there. It has been all forms of emotions for me - I'm very excited."

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