Styx React To New Pluto Moon Being Named Styx

A recently discovered moon of Pluto has been named after the band Styx. The satellite, previously called P5, was renamed by the International Astronomical Union [IAU], an organization which held an online poll to name two new Plutonian moons.

Speaking with Universe Today, guitarist Tommy Shaw said the christening was a great honor:

"Styx is proud to accept this new heavenly chart position as we add orbiting Pluto to our ever expanding touring map. As always we have our fans to thank for it and I predict a new Styx T-Shirt in the making!" notes that the IAU selected the name based on the results of the Pluto Rocks Internet poll sponsored by SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Styx came in third in the online poll behind Cerberus, after which the moon P4 was named, and Vulcan, which was not chosen despite being the top vote-getter.

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