Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter' Sampled On New Song

Brooklyn hip-hop duo the Underachievers have teamed with the Rolling Stones for their new track "The Proclamation" - in a manner of speaking. The band samples the Stones' classic "Gimme Shelter" on the psychedelic single.

"The Proclamation" features the lyrics: "Get up on yo s-, switch up yo lane / If lives aren't going right, then seek out change" set atop a bed of "Gimme Shelter."

The Underachievers, comprised of rappers Issa Dash and AK, dropped their debut mixtape, Indigoism, this past February, and in August they'll return with a new Lex Luger-produced EP.

Though "Gimme Shelter" has been covered a number of times throughout the years by artists such as Sheryl Crow, U2 and Grand Funk Railroad, the song has never before been sampled in such a unique manner.

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