Jefferson Starship Guitarist Slick Aguilar Due For Liver Transplant

Slick Aguilar, guitarist for Jefferson Starship, has revealed that he is next in line for a liver transplant that could save his life. In a post to his official Facebook page, Aguilar said that his rare blood type has made it tricky finding an appropriate match.

"I was told that I am now first in line for a transplant for my blood type whenever the next liver becomes available. My blood type is B-[minus], which is kind of rare," explained Aguilar.

"So, even though I am now at the top of the list, it could still take a while before a B-[minus] liver becomes available. Could be tomorrow - could be six months."

He added: "I am excited and nervous at the same time. When I received this news, my heart raced, as this is what I have been hoping and praying for. But when I think that I may be under the knife soon, it's scary. However, since this has to be done sooner or later, lets rock 'n' roll and get this done!"

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