Slash Announces First Film From His Production Company

Slash has announced that the first release from his newly minted film production company, Slasher Films, is due out in October.

The first release, Nothing to Fear, was directed by Anthony Leonardi III and tells the story of a Kansas town that is one of the gateways to hell.

"It's [a] really good production team, the special effects people are great, the cast is great, the story's great - everything's great about it," Slash said of the new company to Pulse of Radio.

"And it will be interesting to see where this particular one, how it comes out and where it goes, 'cause we're planning on doing two a year."

He continued to describe the film as "basically a modern, young Frankenstein story about a brilliant college student who's discovered how to animate dead tissue - but he's a teenager so he goes overboard."

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