Freddie Mercury Gorilla Statue Removed From English Exhibit

A statue of a gorilla dressed to resemble Queen legend Freddie Mercury has been removed from public view in Norwich, England. The gorilla was part of an art installation from the group Go Go Gorillas, which places gorilla statues in various locations to raise money for the Born Free Foundation.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock the Freddie Mercury gorilla was removed due to copyright concerns involving the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which uses Freddie's name to raise money for HIV/AIDS charities.

An executive behind the gorilla exhibit spoke with the BBC, however, saying they are working with Mercury's estate to clear up the issue:

"We have spoken to one of the executives of the estate and are endeavoring to see if we can resolve this so that there's a positive outcome for all the charities involved. Our priority is that the event is a success for the charities involved, while respecting the wishes of copyright owners and fans of Freddie Mercury."

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