Bob Dylan To Revisit Self Portrait On Vol. 10 Of Bootleg Series

Bob Dylan's 1970 album Self-Portrait will be reissued as the tenth volume in his Bootleg Series. Another Self Portrait (1969-71) will be available in a standard two-disc and deluxe four-disc sets on August 27.

The new release from Columbia Records includes 35 rarities and previously unreleased recordings, mostly from 1970 recording sessions that produced the albums Self-Portrait and New Morning.

Al Kooper, who played organ on the sessions, told Rolling Stone magazine that Dylan was relying heavily on cover material at the time.

"He had a pile of Sing Out! magazines and he was taking the songs, as in the chords and lyrics, straight out of them," Kooper said. "They were his main feed, then they pulled other things like 'Mr. Bojanges' and 'The Boxer.' I was like, 'Yikes!' At one point we recorded 'Come a Little Bit Closer' by Jay and the Americans. Hopefully nobody ever hears that."

Self-Portrait was critically panned upon its release and commercially unsuccessful.

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