Ted Nugent Reveals His Plans As Would-Be President

Ted Nugent has opened up about what he would do if he was ever elected president. In an interview with MLive, the Detroit native, known for his conservative views and gun-rights advocacy, said he would run the country "like I run my family."

"Everybody has to be the best that they can be, as productive as possible, law-abiding, giving, not taking, courteous, friendly, kind, caring and 100 percent dedicated to America and no one else."

He added: "I believe that is the American Dream, or at least it is in my family and every family that I know. I would win if there are more Americans who believe in the same things versus more that don't. That is the frightening tragedy before us."

During the interview, Nugent never said whether he'd consider a presidential run.

He is currently preparing for his Black Power tour.

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