Alice Cooper Opines On Modern Rock: "Don't Call It Rock And Roll"

Alice Cooper has given his take on modern rock, opining that the new generation of rock musicians "all need to eat a steak."

Cooper said that bands such as the Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and other folk performers are great bands, while adding that "it's not rock and roll, don't call it rock and roll."

He explained: "That's an offense to rock and roll . . . I guess I get they wanna be folk rock. I guess they wanna look like everybody else. If you're in a band, you're an outlaw. You don't play by those rules."

He added: "I just feel like this whole generation maybe need[s] to all eat a steak . . . maybe they just need to quit eating, ya know, vegetarian food and get out there and get some blood pumping in their system. Rock and roll is not about 'happy happy happy, everything's OK.'"

Cooper is currently on tour with Marilyn Manson.

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