The Beatles' Original Pressing Of White Album Up For Sale

The first pressing of the Beatles' White Album is up for sale. The album was assumed to not have existed, or to have been in the personal vaults of one of the remaining band members until now.

But recently a fan, David Mincke, revealed that the LP has been in his possession since he purchased it from collector, and owner of San Francisco's Let It Be Records, Clifford J. Yamasaki.

A letter from Yamasaki confirms the album's authenticity: "It is one of approximately two dozen copies given out as early promotional items to the Beatles and top Capitol Records executives."

Yamasaki adds: "I purchased said copy from one of the above executives in the early 1970s. Said executive was head of the classical division at Capitol Records."

The album, which is imprinted with the copy number "A0000001," is being auctioned by Heritage Auctions and has an opening bid of $10,000.

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