Bono Receives France's Highest Culture Award

U2 frontman/philanthropist Bono has been awarded France's highest cultural award, Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, for his work as both a musician and anti-poverty activist, according to Reuters.

Bono had the prestigious honor bestowed upon him by French Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti during a ceremony in Paris.

"Beyond notes and beyond words, you committed yourself and dedicated your fame and career to wage some of the greatest wars of our time. Not for charity's sake but in the name of justice," Filippetti said in a statement.

Bono called the award an honor, and dedicated it to his fellow bandmembers, saying, "I've got the biggest mouth and the loudest voice but the music we make comes from each other."

The roll of previous recipients of the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters reads like a who's who list of rock--it includes Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Lou Reed and many more.

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