Bruce Springsteen Joins Artists Signing Letter To P*ssy Riot

Bruce Springsteen is just one of the big name music stars throwing their support behind the incarcerated Russian band, P*ssy Riot, via a letter written by Amnesty International.

The missive, addressed to the band's members, reminds the punk rockers that the music community is still behind them.

The two imprisoned rockers, Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, were arrested and tried after entering a Moscow Cathedral and carrying out what they referred to as a "punk prayer."

In the letter, the pair are praised as martyrs for freedom of speech:

"Dear Masha and Nadia. As the one-year anniversary of your trial approaches, we are writing to assure you that, around the world, people are both still thinking of you and working for your release. Although you were the most visible of the protesters, we know that there were many other young people who have suffered in the protests, about whom we are also very concerned. But, in many ways, through your imprisonment, you have come to represent them."

The Boss signed the letter, along several other musicians, including Adele and Radiohead.

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