Springsteen & I Released

Springsteen & I, the Ridley Scott-produced doc on Bruce Springsteen comprised chiefly of fan-made videos, is currently playing in select theaters.

The film's director, Baillie Walsh, speaking with Radio.com, said the response from the Boss' fans was nearly overwhelming.

"Enormous effort went into [filming those submissions] from thousands of people," Walsh said. "I was worried that we were going to get 4,000 hours, that would have been a real problem. Three hundred hours was manageable. Every day we saw something new. Every day was exciting."

The film also includes 30 minutes of Springsteen's 2012 concert at Hyde Park, and an epilogue featuring five contributors to the picture who were invited to meet Springsteen backstage after a concert.

A full list of participating theaters is available at the film's website, springsteenandi.com.

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