New Slash Album To Be Unveiled In Early 2014

Slash, along with his sidekicks, Myles and the Conspirators, are already planning a third album following the success of their sophomore LP, Apocalyptic Love.

Speaking with the Salt Lake Tribune, the guitar legend explained the band's collaborative process.

"We're working up the next [album] as we speak," he said. "Myles has a new album coming out and then a tour, so it'll be after that. But I'm working on material, I'll send it to him, and he'll come in and record. It'll be out early next year."

Slash added that he and Myles Kennedy have slowly established a comfortable working relationship.

"We started touring together, and I realized what a great unit we'd put together," he said. "So we decided to start writing; Myles [Kennedy] and I got started out on the road. After the tour was over, we had really established a chemistry. It's really been very seamless."

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