Bruce Springsteen Gets Out Of Ticket Slapped On Tour Bus In U.K.

Bruce Springsteen has been given a pass on a parking ticket issued to one of his tour busses in the U.K. The Boss was cited for parking illegally while his bus was loaded following a show at First Direct Arena in Leeds, but now the city council has waived the ticket.

Their decision to rescind the fine came after an outpouring of support from Springsteen fans, who claimed to have seen the bus and argued that it posed no safety threat.

The event was, in fact, the first show at the new venue and city officials seemed keen to keep everyone in a positive mood.

They issued an official statement: "Having considered the special circumstances, the tickets were quickly canceled. When you prepare a city to open and host a huge, state-of-the-art new venue, you're bound to get the odd teething trouble. This was the only slight problem on a historic night for Leeds as the months and years of planning came together to put on an incredible show which everyone who was there will never forget."

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