Peter Gabriel Says Punk Used To 'P*ss Him Off'

Peter Gabriel has opened up about his experience during the punk era in the 1970s, admitting that he wasn't a huge fan of the genre. Speaking with Mojo, Gabriel says his own band Genesis struggled in that era because they were perceived as coming from a privileged background, which was uncool by punk standards.

"To this day, we've never outgrown the snotty rich-kid thing," he says.

"It used to p**s me off seeing all these 'people's hero' musicians - like Joe Strummer - who'd come from a similar background to mine but were keeping it quiet. In Genesis, we were always very straight about where we came from, and we were middle-class, not aristocratic."

He adds that, to his recollection, some of the legends surrounding punk were overblown:

"I saw the Sex Pistols, quite by chance, at the 100 Club. There were only about 40 people in the audience, not the hundreds that have claimed to be there. There was a vibe, for sure, but I preferred the Clash musically."

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