Roger Daltrey Considers Releasing Solo Album

The Who's frontman Roger Daltrey is considering recording a new solo album, because, as he tells Rolling Stone, "he wants to keep singing."

"I'm looking at doing a solo album, mainly because I want to keep singing, and I don't want to keep going out and doing Who songs, though that's what people want at the shows I do," Daltrey tells the mag.

"I go out and do corporate gigs. I keep a band together, and they pay the wages, so I would like to do an album."

"A singer has to sing. The Who don't do enough gigs for me. If I stop singing at the age I am now, my voice will be gone within two years. So I've got to keep it going. It's like a car engine you've got to keep running."

Daltrey added that he's not sure whether there will ever be a new Who record.

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