DJ Ashba's Helicopter Wedding Proposal Launches Police Investigation

Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba has raised a few eyebrows in Las Vegas after claiming that the elaborate wedding proposal to his girlfriend included a private tour of the city in a police helicopter.

Ashba tweeted a special thank you to the LVPD, which has now launched an investigation into possible misappropriation of city resources.

The star was overjoyed on social media, sharing news of the proposal with fans and friends:

"That was the most incredible day of our life!! Special thx to the Las Vegas Police Dept." He added: "It was beautiful she didn't expect a thing, it was magical."

He also included a photo of the couple sitting inside a helicopter wearing microphones and headgear.

Now, the Las Vegas Review has confirmed that sources within the police department have spoken internally about the ride, and that an investigation will determine if it broke any city protocols.

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