Patti Smith Pays Tribute To Robert Louis Stevenson

Patti Smith has opened up about her abiding love for the works of children's writer Robert Louis Stevenson, saying that she hopes to perform his poetry at a live event someday. Speaking during a poetry reading at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Smith said Stevenson was a major influence on her earlier years.

"I can't imagine my childhood without him. His poems were my companions, my friends," Smith said.

"I had pneumonia, I contracted TB, scarlet fever, every childhood disease. My two favorite books were [William Blake's] Songs of Innocence and Experience, and Stevenson's poems."

Smith added that she felt a kinship to Stevenson's through his poetry:

"All of these poems I read over and over as a child. They spoke to me. Robert Louis Stevenson was also a sickly child who knew what it was like to hear other children playing outside his window."

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