Producer Talks Progress On New Paul McCartney Album

Paul McCartney is apparently making great progress on his new album, according to producer Ethan Johns. Johns is just one of several big names collaborating with Macca on the new release. He says that they have completed a new song titled "Hosanna."

"The first day we had was remarkable. [McCartney] walked in with this incredible song, we threw up a couple of microphones and within four hours we had this great track. I think we did an edit between the first two takes," Johns told Rolling Stone.

He added that Sir Paul has a knack for experimentation in the studio:

"It had an incredible feel - a really evocative piece of music. A very interesting lyric, and the performance was great. Then we started to experiment with it, and I put a bunch of psychedelic strangeness on it. You have fun. 'Oh, try this! Do that!' It's just very inspiring to be around."

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