Joan Jett Says There's No Point In A Runaways Reunion

Joan Jett says that fans shouldn't expect a reunion between her and her former Runaways bandmates, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie. Speaking with L.A. Weekly, Jett said she doesn't see the benefit on her end.

"I don't really get why we should do it - the downside is bigger than the upside," she said. "It would be fun for people to see, but you've got to remember we're not who we were in 1976. It's not worth it to me. We had a great band that kicked ass for three and a half years. I'm very protective of it because it was very special to me."

She added: "To come back and have the press judge us . . . Plus, you can't gauge the dynamics of the band. I'm just not sure it would be the reunion the fans are looking for."

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