Famed Beatles' Strawberry Field Site Vandalized

A portion of the gate leading into the legendary site Strawberry Field in Liverpool, England has reportedly been vandalized. The site, which inspired the Beatles' classic "Strawberry Fields," is known for its red gate, the top right corner of which has now been painted yellow.

Phil Coppell, a leading Beatles expert and tour guide in the area, spoke on the incident with the Click Liverpool website.

"Some people will be outraged because fans have almost canonised John Lennon since his death. They look at everything he ever said or did as now having some profound meaning. But personally I think this prank would have really amused John and made him laugh. And it is a prank he probably would have done himself with his friends, having lived just around the corner," Coppell said.

"But it is really just one step up from the graffiti that covers the walls at the site. The original red gates are safe in storage and it won't be long before the gates have been repainted."

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