Former Runaways Lita Ford And Cherie Curie Team Up For Christmas Track

Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, former band members in the Runaways with Joan Jett, have teamed up for a new Christmas song called "Let's Rock This Christmas Down."

Speaking with PsychoBabble TV, Ford says that Currie had no intention of recording a hackneyed holiday tune:

"My old drummer called me and says, 'Lita, let's record a Christmas song.' So I thought, 'What do you want to do - Jingle Bells?' He said, 'No, let's write something new.'"

She added: "I got out a pen and paper and I thought, 'Let's rock this Christmas down.' So we started writing a song called Let's Rock This Christmas Down."

Despite the fact that Ford and Currie have a working relationship, it doesn't look to translate to a Runaways reunion, as Jett recently shot down the idea.

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