Dan McCafferty Retires From Nazareth

Nazareth frontman Dan McCafferty has retired from the band due to health issues. McCafferty cited a lung disease as the reason for his departure.

He made the announcement after rumors spread that he had suffered a stroke. He collapsed on stage in Switzerland, then last month he collapsed again in Canada. Both incidents caused the band to call off further appearances.

"I've not had a stroke. That's completely untrue - thank goodness and touch wood. I'm not in hospital in Switzerland at all. I don't know how these things get started," he told Classic Rock magazine.

"I've got Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it's been getting worse over the years. You don't know when it's going to come on, but suddenly you can't breathe. I was going on stage at Summerfest in Switzerland thinking, 'This is great - our first festival in a few months and it's a lovely day.' We couldn't have asked for better."

Nazareth recently completed work on their upcoming 24th album.

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