Former Nazareth Guitarist Declines Spot As Frontman

Former Nazareth guitarist Billy Rankin has revealed that he turned down an offer to replace the group's retiring frontman Dan McCafferty.

Speaking with TeamRockRadio, Rankin said he was honored by the offer but could never fill McCafferty's shoes:

"[Bassist] Pete [Agnew] said, 'We'd like you to replace Dan.' I said, 'No one can replace Dan. Why me?' He told me, 'Well, you can sing, and we've got history.' We arranged a rehearsal and blasted through some old hits, and we all had to agree it sounded f-ing great. But there was one thing missing: Dan."

He added: "I can't win with the fans, or the bottles I'd have to dodge. We agreed I'd think about it, and I have. Yesterday I called Uncle Pete and said, 'Thanks, but no thanks.'"

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