New Mix Of David Bowie's 'Sound And Vision' Due This Month

David Bowie has confirmed plans to release a new mix of his 1977 single "Sound and Vision" later this month. The track was originally featured on his Low LP, while the new mix comes thanks to engineer Sonjay Prabhakar.

Using the original masters, Prabhakar was able to highlight some previously insignificant parts of the song, including a prominent piano line by Ray Young, and a backing vocal by Mary Hopkins.

Prabhakar was initially hired to remaster the track for a Sony commercial for their new Xperia Z phone.

In other news, rumors of Bowie returning to the stage continue to persist, even though the singer and his representatives have said it won't happen.

The Mirror reports that Live Nation has offered Bowie a lucrative deal to play live at the Olympic Park in East London in 2014. The tabloid notes that the company has close links with Bowie's tour agent John Giddings and are confident of securing a deal.

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