Jon Lord Live Performance Unveiled Online

The Trondheim Experiment, a live concert featuring the late Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, has been posted online. The 2010 show featured Lord teaming up with a chamber orchestra at Nidaros Cathedral in Norway.

Lord even plays a Deep Purple track, "Child in Time," during the show, calling it a "big number in [his] life":

"I love doing it in a slightly more Lordy way than the Purple way - but it's pretty much the same."

"It became a very powerful song - it seemed to say a lot for a generation and somehow it stills says the same thing. The same stupid things keep happening all over the place. Still, we keep trying, don't we? Onwards and upwards, my mother always said."

The concert is available at, which was set up by Lord's family and friends as "a celebration of a very special concert. In many ways it was an experiment - new arrangements, new musicians, songs rarely played."

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