Rod Stewart And Penny Lancaster Apologize To Prince Of Wales

Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster have apologized to Prince Harry after they were late to a charity event, breaking the rules of royal decorum.

The couple was late to the grand opening of the new offices of the Prince's Trust charity. Also debuted was a store, offering various items made by entrepreneurs who have been aided by the Trust.

According to the rules of royal decorum, members of the royal family are supposed to arrive at public events after everyone else, but London traffic had other plans for Stewart and his wife, Penny Lancaster. The couple later apologized to the Prince, even sharing a joke with him.

Lancaster told reporters: "We both became ambassadors about 10 years ago. We are able to inspire and encourage our children, who have a strong support system and financial support. But what about the children that don't have that support system? The Prince's Trust is a real helping hand - it's fantastic."

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