Billy Joel Rides With Gov. Cuomo In Honor Of 9/11 Firemen

Billy Joel was on hand in New York City to help honor the fallen heroes of 9/11 on the 12th anniversary of the attack. Joel, along with New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, rode in a motorcycle parade from the firehouse on W. 43rd St. down the West Side Highway to Ground Zero, which was the same path taken by the Rescue 1 fireman crew. Rescue 1 lost half of its members on that day.

"It's an honor," Joel said. "I was at Ground Zero a few days after 9/11, and it was the worst thing I ever saw in my life. To be asked to do this is very moving."

"[Joel is] the quintessential New York citizen who never forgot where he came from," Cuomo, who rode a black Harley-Davidson, told the Daily News.

"They got hit hard," Joel said of Rescue 1. "These are all good men. It was a very, very sad day, and they lost a lot of people. It's still an open wound."

Accompanying the duo were the N.Y.C. Fire Riders, a motorcycle club comprised of past and present members of the NYFD.

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