Costello And The Roots Collaborate On Wise Up Ghost

Elvis Costello's collaboration with The Roots, Wise Up Ghost, will drop tomorrow and, by all accounts, it's some of the best stuff yet from either the 59-year-old rocker or the stalwart hip-hop band.

While the collaboration between the iconic singer-songwriter and the Jimmy Fallon house band may cause some to scratch their heads at first, the two acts are in fact a natural fit. Costello has spent the latter part of his storied career teaming up with younger acts of various musical styles and forging dynamic collaborations based on his songwriting and the other acts stylistic chops.

Wise Up Ghost began somewhat accidentally after Costello appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and met The Roots. After bonding over a shared love of blues and R&B, Costello began meeting up with the group for late-night jam sessions that eventually turned out an album's worth of material. After about a year of recording, Wise Up Ghost was born.

The album draws from a number of sonic wells including cinematic 1970s funk and soulful southern rock. The final product is a unique mixture that only such an unpredictable collaboration like that of Costello and The Roots could yield.

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