Bruce Springsteen Performs Argentinian Protest Song

Bruce Springsteen has offered up a web video of an acoustic performance of the Argentinian protest song "Solo le pido a Dios" ("I Only Ask of God").

The Boss initially planned to play the tune live during his recent performance in that country, but didn't get the chance and opted to post it online instead.

Bruce explained that he has a deep fondness for Argentina after he first visited in 1988 as part of Amnesty International's Human Rights Now! benefit concerts.

"My memories of that time are still very much alive," he said in the web video. "We came to Argentina when the country was going through a difficult time, and fighting for its future. For a foreigner, Argentina was very much alive, promising. So it's a huge inspiration for me to return here, and I want to leave this song to the people of Argentina."

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