Cherie Curie Talks About Reuniting With Lita Ford

Joan Jett has made her intentions of not reuniting the Runaways known, but former bandmate Cherie Curie remains slightly more optimistic.

"Lita [Ford] and I have talked a lot about a reunion, then out of the blue Lita asked me to record this Christmas single she wrote called 'Rock this Christmas Down,'" she told Legendary Rock Interviews.

"It was one of the best days of my life, working with her again," Curie said. "Then we saw an article where Joan shoots down the possibility of a reunion. Is it disappointing? Sure it is. The most nagging part will be: what if she was wrong and it would have been a great time for us all? Since she won't give it a chance, that's the hard part."

Though Curie remains hopeful of a possible reunion, Jett has recently said publically that "the downside is bigger than the upside."

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