Roger Waters Says He Shouldn't Have Sued Pink Floyd

Roger Waters admits that he shouldn't have sued his former band Pink Floyd.

Waters revealed that he felt he was wrong to have tried to keep David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright from performing and recording as Pink Floyd after he left the band.

In an interview with the show BBC's HARDtalk, he explained:

"It was a commercial decision and in fact it's one of the few times that the legal profession has taught me something. Because when I went to these chaps and said 'listen we're broke, this isn't Pink Floyd anymore', they went 'what do you mean? That's irrelevant, it is a label and it has commercial value, you can't say it's going to cease to exist."

Waters filed several injunctions against his former bandmates without success. Eventually, he and Gilmour hammered out an agreement.

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