Hendrix Statue Vandalized On 43rd Anniversary Of His Death

A statue of Jimi Hendrix located in his hometown of Seattle was vandalized by two drunken men last week on the 43rd anniversary of his death (September 18). The vandals spray-painted blue graffiti on the statue, which is located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The two men then proceeded to spray-paint other targets near the statue. The police were able to locate the vandals by following the blue trail of spray-paint. Both men were identified by witnesses as being the culprits, and had blue spray paint on their hands.

"Not to diminish the work of the officers at all, but I will say the suspects made it fairly easy," Seattle Police Department spokesman Detective Mark Jamieson told the Seattle Times.

The city of Seattle ordered the statue to be scrubbed clean the next morning.

The Hendrix statue was created by Seattle-area artist Daryl Smith and dedicated by the city in 1997.

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