Joan Jett Enjoyed Writing With Dave Grohl

Joan Jett says she enjoyed collaborating with Dave Grohl on the writing of "Any Weather," the opening track of her new album Unvarnished.

"I wanted to write with Dave for a while," the 55-year-old singer told Rolling Stone. "I think he's a great songwriter, but I don't think he does a lot of writing with people outside of the Foos. [It was] just the two of us . . . in the studio."

Jett also explained how the process unfolded in the studio: "He played the drums. I played the rhythm guitar, and I just kind of hummed the melody and sang the chorus. Then he went and put on some bass and lead guitar and rhythm guitar. It was a really fun thing."

Unvarnished is Jett's 10th studio album; it was released on September 30th.

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