Paul Stanley Reveals How He Lost His Virginity

During a recent radio interview, Paul Stanley dished on the first time he had sex. Speaking with KLOS 95.5's The Heidi Frank Show, the former KISS guitarist said it happened long before his days as a rock star:

"I was actually working as a busboy in a camp upstate that was very much like Dirty Dancing - you know, that kind of environment," Stanley began.

"The staff was on one side of the road and the hotel was on the other side. One of the waiters' girlfriends was in his room, and he was off at work, and I just decided 'Today's the day.'"

He added that his lover was a few years older than him, while noting that the experience was somewhat unfulfilling:

"Quite honestly, I didn't know what it was supposed to be like," he said, adding, "'Is this it?'"

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