Robbie Robertson Releases Children's Book On Rock Forefathers

Robbie Robertson, former guitarist for the Band, has released a new book aimed at educating kids about the founding fathers of rock and roll. The book, Legends, Icons and Rebels: Music That Changed the World, tells the story of 27 influential artists, while sharing their music on two CDs.

In an interview with the CBC, Robertson explained how he was inspired by his son Sebastian's work with kids to start the project.

"He would play the normal kids' music . . . and every once in awhile he would slip in one by Marvin Gaye or Johnny Cash and something happened," he said. "The room just lit up. You could see it affecting these young kids."

He added that his own experience reinforced the idea that kids could be drawn to rock and roll.

"I was obsessed with music - I was always searching, always reaching. Consequently, my kids, when they grew up in this house, they heard all of these people," he said. "It was a natural thing. [But] Sebastian said to me: 'Some kids don't get that.'"

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