Gene Simmons Speaks On New KISS Song

Gene Simmons has opened up about the latest track from KISS and says it could be the next "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Nite." In a new interview with Dorothy Lucey, the rocker says he is already writing new material for the band's follow up to Monster, which will be their 20th release.

In addition to working on the new release, Simmons says that the band is also planning an epic tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary:

"We are going to go back in the studio at some point," Simmons explains. "But there's a 40th anniversary world tour that's going to happen, including Kiss with symphony orchestras. We already did that at Melbourne Stadium (on 2003's Kiss Symphony: Alive IV), where the entire symphony orchestra was playing Stradivariuses - you don't know what that is, but look it up - and we're all wearing Kiss makeup, the entire 70-piece orchestra. You will have landed on Planet Kiss. We're going to duplicate that around the world."

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