Van Halen Sues Ex-Wife For Trademark Infringement

Van Halen have sued Kelly Van Halen, the ex-wife of the band's drummer, Alex, for using the band's last name. ELVH Inc., VH's intellectual property holding company, says Kelly's use dilutes the band's brand and causes unfair competition.

Kelly is attempting to turn her name into a lifestyle brand, labeling her construction and interior design companies with the famous moniker.

Her website says that she will soon be selling "products like chairs, children's blankets, bathing suits, building construction, interior design services and more" under the Van Halen name.

ELVH, Inc. says that Kelly's brand is "confusingly similar to Plaintiff's VAN HALEN Marks in sound, appearance and commercial impression," according to court docs obtained by the Hollywood Reporter.

Alex married Kelly (nee Carter) in 1984. The pair divorced 12 years later.

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