Tommy Lee Permanently Banned From Coachella

Tommy Lee has revealed the he and his Motley Crue bandmates have been permanently banned from Coachella. In a new interview series called "Coffee Run," hosted by Deadmau5, the pair covered a myriad of topics, including the pair's fateful encounter with Coachella's main promoter.

According to the Lee, the incident occurred after he and Deadmau5 "landed a helicopter in a field with burning vans."

Lee adds that the promoter didn't see the humor in the gag and screamed: "Motley Crue will never play Coachella!" to which Lee merely replied: "OK."

"I'm just wondering if one of us maybe accidentally f-ed his girlfriend," chuckled Lee. "You can't be that mad at somebody or hate somebody that much unless you've personally done something to him."

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