Robert Plant Discovers Unreleased Led Zeppelin Material

Led Zeppelin fans may soon have some new songs to look forward to, as Robert Plant has revealed that some previously unreleased material from the band could soon see a release.

"I found some quarter-inch spools recently," he told BBC 6. "And there's some very, very interesting bits and pieces that probably will turn up [soon]."

Plant added that he is looking to use the recently found tapes as bonus tracks on the band's reissues that are expected in 2014.

The reissues already have Jimmy Page's approval, but John Paul Jones isn't yet on board.

"I'm desperately trying to [use] this one track - or the two tracks - [with] John Paul Jones singing lead," Plant continued. "And so far [Jones is] up to giving me two cars and a greenhouse [to leave] them [off] the album."

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