Queen Members Want Ben Whishaw To Play Freddie Mercury In Biopic

Following the departure of Sacha Baron Cohen from the Freddie Mercury biopic, the remaining members of Queen are eying a new actor for the lead role, Ben Whishaw, who plays the gadget guru in the James Bond franchise.

In an appearance on the BBC's The One Show, drummer Roger Taylor told hosts Chris Evans and Alex Jones that producers were targeting an actor whose initials were the letters 'BW'. Jones then suggested Whishaw, which Taylor confirmed was the correct answer.

Guitarist Brian May previously told the Guardian that Cohen was "too recognizable" to play the Mercury role, making the targeting of Whishaw sensible.

"It seemed like a good idea in the beginning but the truth is, he's too recognizable," May said. "He's very much a style and a character. I think that he would have been very distracting. That's the conclusion we came to."

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