Ringo Starr To Release Limited Edition Of Photograph Memoir

Ringo Starr is prepping a reissue of his memoir, Photograph, featuring personal photos of him and taken by him. In all, the 300-page book holds 245 pics, along with 15,000 words by the former Beatles drummer.

"I love putting pictures together to show different times of my life. I was just taking shots because I liked to take shots, and now it's turned into this, which is great. Peace and love," said Starr.

"These are shots that no one else could have. I just had the camera with me a lot of the time . . . This is how we saw most of the world when it got big for The Beatles: out of a car window, going to or leaving somewhere. That's just how it was."

Each limited edition of Photograph features an autograph from Starr, who is donating all royalties to the Lotus Foundation. The book is due November 22.

During the summer, Ringo released an e-book only version via Apple's iBookstore.

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