Brian May Speaks On New Photography Book And Adam Lambert

Brian May has opened up about his passion for photography, as well as the band's relationship with singer Adam Lambert. In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, he explained why his new photo book, Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell, took decades to release.

"Well, part of it's the research, because it's a very obscure place to find. It shouldn't be, because it's the 1860s in France, which is not that long ago," he began.

"There's another couple of things - No. 2, you've got to find the whole series of Diableries, and that's pretty difficult. That's probably what took me the 40 years. We're still missing two out of about 180, which we know the titles of, but we've never actually seen."

He also shared high praise for Lambert:

"We love Adam, we really do. Like you say, he's the whole deal - he's an extraordinary singer with an extraordinary instrument. He's an entertainer, he's original and he's a nice guy."

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